Since 1975, we have striven for perfection in meeting the needs of many of Central PA’s leading commercial and government organizations. Today our clients have come to rely on our integrated service model for on-demand services at the lowest possible cost.

As a multidisciplinary real estate company, we are able to create synergies for our clients by providing a suite of services. For commercial clients, this lets us offer a higher level of service and a lower cost than other firms that rely on outsourced, third-party providers.

Property Management

Modern buildings have many similarities with complex, living organisms. Commercial property management is the art of managing these buildings. Our property management strategy is to couple daily, on-site supervision with a comprehensive program of capital improvements.

These services are performed by Vartan Property Management, a division of Vartan Group, Inc.

Maintenance Services

Sometimes it’s an emergency and sometimes it’s not. In either case, commercial building occupants require quick-response, on-demand maintenance service. Our experience has shown that a maintenance technician who is acquainted with a building, its systems and its occupants will consistently provide the best service.

To meet our clients’ needs, we have a staff of dedicated maintenance technicians who are on-call 24/7. That’s why it is common for maintenance service to be performed the same day.

Simply submit a help request or contact us by telephone at 717-657-0100 to request maintenance service*.

* Maintenance services are available only at buildings managed by Vartan Property Management.


The Vartan Group has a proud history of real estate development in Central PA. Our experience encompasses many of the most notable projects in Dauphin County and in the city of Harrisburg since 1975. Unique in our industry, our development practice is focused on an extensive, in-house land portfolio. With prime sites ready for development, this translates into faster time-to-market at a lower cost.

Corporate clients and partners are invited to contact us to discuss development opportunities.


The Vartan Group’s construction experience ranges from downtown highrises to 1,000 sq. ft. office fit-outs. Our integrated service model not only creates incredible cost efficiencies, but enhances the level of service and in many cases eliminates months from the project schedules for our clients.
Recent projects include:

  • a 20,000 sq. ft. office fit-out performed in 5 weeks;
  • a 100,000 sq. ft. urban highrise;
  • a renovation project in the National Historic District;
  • energy efficiency upgrades across multiple commercial properties;
  • tenant improvements for state and federal agencies; and
  • capital improvement projects for existing commercial buildings.

Leasing & Sales

With an extensive portfolio of properties under management, the Vartan Group is a preferred lessor to many of Central PA’s leading business and government organizations, and the exclusive company to offer an array of luxury urban residences in the city of Harrisburg.

Our commercial client acquisition strategy is to work directly with clients and brokers to develop customized lease proposals. We are selected by our clients for offering the most flexible terms at the most competitive cost, for our ability to satisfy tenant improvement requirements within condensed schedules, or as is often the case, both.

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