The Awl House is a historic, three-story masonry building with a prestigious location neighboring the Pennsylvania State Capitol.

The Awl House was built and inhabited by descendants of Jacob Awl, one of the early settlers of Harrisburg and a relative of John Harris. In the early 20th c. it was converted into office space, which remains its present use.

In 2017 the Vartan Group performed a historic rehabilitation of the Awl House. The rehabilitation included asbestos remediation, masonry repointing, restoration of architectural woodwork, and restoration of the antique wood flooring. The work also included replacement of old fixtures and equipment with new water-saving plumbing fixtures, energy-efficient HVAC equipment, LED lighting, electronic access control, and fire detection & alarm.

The Vartan Group also handled the sale in 2021 to new owners. It serves as the headquarters for the State YMCA of Pennsylvania.